IAMAW / Employee Assistance Program

International Association Machinist and Aerospace Workers Employee Assistance Program:

The International Association Machinist Aerospace Workers Employee Assistance Program with Air Canada is a IAM unionized EAP. The mission statement of IAMAW EAP program is assisting an IAMAW union member to seek and accept professional help with a personal problem by referring them to professional psychological services in their community. The IAMAW EAP offers its union members, professional trained coordinators in the workplaces.

Your health and well-being is our goal

EAP offers you customized counselling, addiction services and other community resources:

  • Emotional and physical problems
  • Relationship and marital concerns
  • Stress
  • Money difficulties
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Life/work balance
  • Sexual abuse or harassment
  • Eldercare and childcare
  • Separation and loss
  • Workplace trauma and conflict
  • Life management
  • Depression and psychological conditions
  • Family issues
  • See EAP resource guide 2017 – updated Feb 2017
  • www.heretohelp.bc.ca

Is it time to talk to a EAP Coordinator

  • Feelings of constant and unmanageable stress.
  • Lack of sleep due to anxiety, physical discomfort or mental tension
  • Addictions, in any form, leading to loss of control
  • Money problems that seem too tough to resolve
  • Emotional or personal issues
  • Simply the need to share a problem, challenge or concern

Help for IAMAW Air Canada Employees and Their Families

It has always been the Employee Assistance Program mission to deal compassionately with our IAMAW members and families. Your IAMAW Local Lodge 764 EAP Coordinators are here to provide assistance to help resolve personal family or work related problems.

Confidentiality is assured

Our IAMAW EAP program is strictly confidential. Our EAP Trained Coordinators provide the utmost in discretion, empathy and understanding. We are guided by a strict confidentiality policy which is there for your protection.

Start by contacting a IAMAW EAP Coordinator in your workplace

If there is a personal or family matter you would like to discuss, begin by giving a EAP Coordinator referral a call. The EAP Coordinator you talk to are there to listen and, if possible, provide immediate assistance. If other resources are needed, your EAP Coordinator will discuss this with you to determine the best course of action. Any referrals for service are based on your acceptance and understanding.

All qualified EAP Counsellors under our EAP Program have to meet stringent qualifications and are all screened by the Regional EAP Coordinator.

Only registered, licensed and insured Psychologists, Registered Social Workers and Registered Clinical Counsellors are covered under our EAP Program


IAM&AW EAP Vancouver based coordinators


Brian Bethell Western Region EAP Coordinator (W) 604-276-3506
(C) 604-992-4491
Tracy Dawson CSCA 778-773-6750
Jindy Sarai Cat 33 Cell 778-788-6262
Ian Mc Clintock Air Canada Line Maintenace (C) 778-953-5039
Kelly Foulds Occupational Health South Hangar Cell 604-722-9828
Mike Reinhard Air Canada Maintenance Cell 778-997-9766
Robert Croteau EAP coordinator Airports Cell 604-512-8466

EAP Services are covered by our IAM Joint Agreement with Air Canada

Cost can often be a barrier to those seeking help for personal problems. There are no costs associated with contacting and speaking to a EAP Coordinator. EAP Services are totally reimbursed and are covered under Air Canada benefits

Under our Health Program at Air Canada (Claim Secure) IAMAW members are eligible for reimbursement 50% for a maximum of $500 per individual $1000 per family

Under the IAMAW – EAP Reimbursement Counseling Plan IAMAW members are covered at 50% to a maximum, of $ 750 per individual $1500 per family.

Please see cover letter and forms listed below under EAP Forms